• Kurdish (Sorani)-English / English-Kurdish (Sorani) Dictionary and Phrasebook


Sorani (also called Kurdi) is a Kurdish language spoken mainly in Iraq and Iran, with an estimated 15 million speakers world-wide. The Kurds are spread across the countries of Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria, as well as Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Lebanon. There is also a large diaspora of Kurds, which is es-pecially prominent in Europe. In all, there are up to 40 million speakers of the Kurdish languages world-wide. Generally written in Perso-Arabic script, Sorani is now also found in Romanised form. This easy-to-use phrasebook uses the official Sorani Latin alphabet to aid instant communica-tion. In addition to a pronunciation guide, included are: A resourceful two-way dictionary, containing over 4,000 entries; An informative grammar section; Useful appendices of Sorani numbers, opposites, and key verbs; Useful lists covering such things as emergency, health care, political, relief aid, and combat terms; A collection of travel-oriented phrases.


9780781812450 - Awde , Nicholas - Kurdish (Sorani)-English / English-Kurdish (Sorani) Dictionary and Phrasebook

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ISBN:    9780781812450
Title:    Kurdish (Sorani)-English / English-Kurdish (Sorani) Dictionary and Phrasebook
Author:    Awde , Nicholas
Publisher:    Hippocrene Books
Published in:    2010
Format:    Paperback
Pages:    188
Weight (gm):    140
Subject:    hippocrene
Type:    Dictionaries


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Kurdish (Sorani)-English / English-Kurdish (Sorani) Dictionary and Phrasebook

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