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If you seriously want to learn Vietnamese then grabbing a copy of Vietnamese for Beginners is a great decision. This course includes the coursebook and three audio CDs which will prove crucial to your progess in learning Vietnamese.

Vietnamese for Beginners is suitable for self paced study or as course material in a formal Vietnamese course. The audio CDs are especially important when learning alone as it is a tonal language. Learn Vietnamese tones and you are well on your way!

Vietnamese for Beginners Course Details:

Author: Jake Catlett
Book: Second Edition Paperback. 258 pages.
Audio CDs: 3
Lesson Breakdown:

Vietnamese Lesson 1
Greetings, yes/no questions, personal pronouns, what, common nouns and numbers.
Vietnamese Lesson 2
More common nouns, prepositions, countries, nationalities, here/there, how much/how many and more pronouns.
Vietnamese Lesson 3
Places, action verbs, transport, continuous tense, basic food and drink.
Vietnamese Lesson 4
Time, when, yesterday/today/tomorrow, daily habits and future tense.
Vietnamese Lesson 5
Days of the week, months, past tense and imperatives.
Vietnamese Lesson 6
Clothing, posessives, why, in order to, because, common adjectives, colours and intensifiers.
Vietnamese Lesson 7
More food and drink, eating, flavours and yet/not yet.
Vietnamese Lesson 8
Appearances, the human body, houshold chores, health and hygiene.
Vietnamese Lesson 9
Age, personality traits/characteristics, addresses, towns and cities, distances, family terms, occupations, how and who.
Vietnamese Lesson 10
Plurals, comparatives and superlatives, feelings, animals and weather.
Appendix I
Useful Vietnamese words and phrases.
Appendix II
Answers to multiple choice and translation tests.
The author of our Vietnamese course (Jake Catlett) is himself a westerner who has learned to speak the language and he still lives in Vietnam - proof it can be done!

Why Learn Vietnamese?

One of the luxuries of learning Vietnamese compared to many other Asian languages is that the Vietnamese script is far easier for English speakers to learn. Vietnamese is the 6th most spoken language in Australia so you'll get plenty of opportunity to speak it here at home.

Learning Vietnamese is a worthwhile endeavour. Considering Vietnam is an ever growing tourist destination for Australians, learning the Vietnamese language will earn you a lot of respect amongst the Vietnamese people on your travels and it will enrich your travel experience dramatically.

If you can learn Vietnamese phrases that will assist in common traveling situations your time in Vietnam will be a lot of fun.

Product Details:

Publisher: Paiboon Publisher

ISBN: 9781887521864 

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Vietnamese for Beginners. Pack (Mixed media product)

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