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Cambodian for Beginners is well written and compact so that you can easily build on previous lessons as you progress through the course. You can use this course to learn Cambodian (Khmer) for self study or in a classroom environment.

Any attempt to learn Cambodian (Khmer) will require high quality audio material to practice with which this course certainly provides in it's three audio CDs which accompany the book.

And don't let the exotic Cambodian script worry you as it is easier to learn than it looks! While very beautiful, some students learning Cambodian feel the script may be too hard for them to learn but a surprised that it isn't that difficult. A huge benefit of the script is that it is almost 100% phonetic - which is why it's introduced right from the first lesson!

Cambodian for Beginners Course Details:

Author: Richard K. Gilbert
Book: Second Edition. Paperback. 290 pages
Audio CDs: 3
Lesson Breakdown:

Cambodian Lesson 1
Greetings, yes/no questions, personal pronouns, numbers, the Cambodian writing system, consonant classes, determining vowel sounds in Cambodian, consonants and vowels.
Cambodian Lesson 2
At, to have, more pronouns, more consonants and vowels.
Cambodian Lesson 3
To want, to go, verb combinations, asking for permission, more vowels and consonants.
Cambodian Lesson 4
To know, how much/how many, modifiers, more vowels and consonants.
Cambodian Lesson 5
Tenses, telling time, lowercase script introduced and independant vowels.
Cambodian Lesson 6
Months, days of the week, in order to, more sub-consonants.
Cambodian Lesson 7
Telephone conversations, food, more sub-consonants.
Cambodian Lesson 8
Body parts, everyday life, more sub-consonants.
Cambodian Lesson 9
Comparisons, classifiers, more adjectives, other features of written Cambodian.
Cambodian Lesson 10
Family and kinship terms, occupations, animals, the many forms of the word "you".
Appendix I
Useful Cambodian words and phrases.
Appendix II
Summary of the Cambodian writting system.
Apendix III
Test and writting exercise answers.
You may well be encouraged to know that Cambodian for Beginners principal author is Richard K. Gilbert, an American translator and interpretor of the Cambodian language. Richard originally learned Cambodian (Khmer) as a missionary.

You could spend hours looking for decent course material to learn Cambodian from in Australian bookshops, or you could simply order a copy of Cambodian For Beginners now and start learning in just days!

Learning to speak Cambodian (officially known as Khmer) will enrich your travel to this country with such an interesting history. The Cambodian people truely appreciate any effort to speak their language and with their friendly nature they are happy to speak Cambodian (Khmer) with you, even if you are a beginner.

Product Details:

Author: Richard K. Gilbert
Book: Second Edition. Paperback. 290 pages
Audio CDs: 3



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Cambodian for Beginners (mixed Media)

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