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If you're looking for a phrase book that goes way beyond textbook French, this best-seller will fit the bill. It's packed full of the language really spoken by young people today - and it's definitely not the French you learned in school. Learn the lingo on: Love, Sex, Extreme Sports, Video Games, Fashion, Body and Gross Bodily Functions, Internet, Text Messaging, Gossip, Entertainment, and Partying. Also exposed in Hide This French Book are hilarious language mishaps, social trends, and cultural idiosyncrasies. Icons indicate how "hot" language is, so you know when an expression is totally offensive, completely inappropriate, but really worth knowing! Listen to the foreign language online, or download the audio to your iPod[registered] or MP3 player. Entertaining as well as enlightening, this is one French book users will want to read from cover to cover!

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ISBN-13: 9781780043791
Author: Berlitz Publishing
Published: 01/03/2014
Format: Paperback (203mm X 136mm) 96 pages 


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Hide This French Book

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