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Lao for Beginners is a robust Lao language course. Designed to be used as either a teach yourself course or in actual Lao language classes, this product is a great introduction to learning the Laotian language.

Lao for Beginners includes:

Teaching of the 4 core language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.
Clear, easy, step-by-step instruction which will build on what you have learned during the course.
Written in an interesting writing style by experienced Lao language teachers.
The three audio CDs provide the all important listening element that will be central to your ability to learn Lao. Listening to these CDs will allow you to sharpen your Lao accent while also getting your ear tuned to spoken Lao.

The book that comes with this course supports the audio CDs with plenty of Lao language guidance and insights. The Lao script is also introduced, giving you your first taste of the lovely Lao written language. Learning Lao writing is a lot of fun.

Once you have worked your way through Lao for Beginners you will have a solid understanding of the Lao language and an excellent platform for further study.

Lesson Breakdown:

Lao Lesson 1
Greetings, yes/no questions, personal pronouns, cardinal and ordinal numbers, the Lao writing system, consonant classes, determining tones in writtern Lao, middle consonants, long vowels and tone marks.
Lao Lesson 2
To be, more vowels, live and dead syllables, tone rules for middle consonants.
Lao Lesson 3
Colours, future tense, can, more vowels, complex vowels, final consonants, ten vowels that change their forms, tone rules for middle consonants.
Lao Lesson 4
Telling time, high consonants, tone rules for high consonants.
Lao Lesson 5
Days of the week, months, tone marks with high consonants, low consonants introduced.
Lao Lesson 6
To want, to be, tone rules for low consonants.
Lao Lesson 7
To hear, to remember, to fall asleep, to look and tone rules for low consonants.
Lao Lesson 8
Body parts, everyday life.
Lao Lesson 9
Family and kinship terms, occupations, animals, punctuation marks, practice reading short sentences.
Lao Lesson 10
Comparisons, adjectives, classifiers, practice reading short sentences and paragraphs.
Appendix I
Useful words and phrases.
Appendix II
Summary of the Lao writing System.
Appendix III
Test and writing excercise answers.
Order your copy of Lao for Beginners and start learning Lao in the next few days!

Why Learn Lao?

For many years Laos has been visited by only the most adventurous westerners however there is now a real interest in this beautiful country from western travelers. If you manage to learn Lao you will also be able to use the language in many parts of Thailand and will be understood by most Thai language speakers.

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Publisher: Paiboon Publisher

ISBN: 9781887521871 

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Lao for Beginners

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