• The Shapes and Sounds of the Lao Language for Native Language Speaker


“I wanted to say, This is my friend, but I accidentally said, This is my pig!”
 Mastering a language as different to English as is Lao may first seem to be impossible… with its strange-looking script and its multitude of tones and vowels, the task can be decidedly intimidating.

Compounding the problems, many native Lao language teachers don’t fully understand how to effectively explain these aspects of their language to the expatriate. Language learning materials dealing with Lao phonetics and orthography are sparse and incomprehensive. Yet, many native English speakers are successfully learning to speak fluent Lao and one of the tools in their arsenal is this very book. In these pages you will discover a path to make sense of it all, coming from someone who was once in your shoes.

Rather than a linguistic treatise, The Shapes and Sounds of the Lao Language is a practical guide to help you to become fluent in Lao.  Using a combination of relevant descriptions, language learning tricks, flash cards, drills and comparison tracks on the enclosed audio CD, you will be able to conquer some of the most difficult aspects of the language.

Certainly, learning a second language takes hard work and patience, but by following the instructions outlined in this book, you will get the most out of your efforts and will be delighted at the progress you never believed you could make.

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The Shapes and Sounds of the Lao Language for Native Language Speaker

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